This project was completed as an entry in the 2013 Future of Money Awards, in collaboration with Joe Carpita. An exploration of potential future financial crimes, BigShot is a website existing on the TOR network which utilizes Bitcoin to create a new crowdfuning platform in which criminal activities can be both proposed and funded in complete anonymity. Moreover, it is an exploration of the social side of crime, and the potential inherent in our ever-changing technological landscape.

2013 Future of Money Awards Winner 

Bigshot Project Reel


In examining trends and events in the technology, political, social spheres, a picture started to emerge. What happens when rogue individuals with unique access and capabilities have motivation and a means to exploit their potential? Bigshot aims to enable individuals to profit from their exploits. In this decentralized criminal model, who is the biggest offender? The campaigner or their supporters? 


Bigshot 1.0. Established on the TOR network (which enables anonymous internet routing) and powered by Bitcoin, anybody can solicit funds for campaigns of any sort. We set out to explore not just the technology of future crimes, but the human element. Technology is nothing without minds to utilize it, for better or worse. 


Bigshot 2.0. Years after its inception, the platform becomes widely used, and by mere individuals. Corporations, governments and terrorist groups worldwide use Bigshot to carry out their agendas. It is here that the lines between individuals and organizations begin to blur, and accountability becomes even more difficult to determine. Joe and I wanted to explore the platform at its farthest reaches, examining how it might evolve beyond the sum of its parts.