A Transit Tracker That Emphasizes Speed

Transit Stop is the de facto app for public transit in Chicago. It takes advantage of data released by the CTA to provide arrival times for buses and the L trains throughout the city. The current app has been around for 6 years with minimal updates. Aside from stability issues, the app is extremely difficult to use and lacks a many features that could speed up and simplify the way it functions. This is my proposal for redesigning it. 

Personal Project

Role: UX Design, UI Design


Persona Introduction


Screen Flow Assessment

This is the navigation flow of the app. Upon launching, you are brought back to the last stop you searched for, which is useful if you only ever take one bus from one location. Navigating back to the search screen is difficult and awkward. Standard back buttons, or a dock with a home screen (or both!) should be used to clarify flow.

Transit Stop Usability Assessment.jpg

Usability Assessment


Decision Tree

I thought it would be useful to map out all the screens before wireframing the app. Priority was placed on the list search functionality, but I wanted favorites and recent stops front and center as well. 



I created complete workflows for the 5 core actions in the app.  



This is a wireframe prototype created to test the List Search function. Users are guided through the process of finding a route, selecting a direction and a stop.


 I conducted a quick usability test on a friend to evaluate the flow of the list search workflow



User Interface Design

Transit Stop's current user interface design is dated and features many non-standard iOS elements. Touch targets are too small, unnecessary colors are everywhere, and it's gratuitous use of page transitions causes confusion throughout the experience. I opted to keep the signature blue color, and use light grey with one accent color. 


Final Workflow + UI 

This workflow takes users through the process of finding a bus line and retrieving stops. Users can easily change directions while on the Times screen and save favorites for easy retrieval.